Our story (so far)


In the early summer of 2023, it was clear that advances in artificial intelligence would change the lives of working professionals forever. ChatGPT had passed the bar exam and scored in the 90th percentile of the GMAT. It was only a matter of time before every aspect of my consulting job would be transformed by AI. Given my background as a statisician and researcher, I began to explore ideas for how I could be on the forefront of that change. My goal was to use AI to make work easier for professionals who had spent decades of their life devoted to excellence within their craft.

I started with timesheets. Every professional hates doing their timesheet. So did I. It's a painful administrative albatross that takes 20+ minutes a day. Now, with TimeSentry, time-tracking is no longer a chore. Our software makes time tracking effortless and automated. We also added a full billing and administrative back end, desigining the invoicing and reporting tools you always wanted.

Time tracking is just the beginning. AI is going to touch every aspect of our professional lives and TimeSentry is going to bring you a suite of the absolute best productivity tools ever designed. We take pride in the software we write for you. We imagine a future where artificial intelligence enables the enhancement and full complexity of the conscious experience. Said differently, we believe that AI technology can make life even more awesome.

Our mission is simple: to create the world's highest quality AI platform for professionals. We envision a world in which our customers have the space and freedom to focus their energy and creative capacity on their clients. Not just solving problems for clients, but building relationships with them. That's ultimately what life is about. We look forward to meeting you on your journey and learning how we can co-create what's next.

- Joseph Frantz, CEO